Off-season physical preparation for golf


It is likely that you have already teed it up for the final time this year and are looking forward to your winter getaway and golfing next spring.

You might even be thinking about hitting up the local golf dome to keep your swing sharp.

Let’s take a quick look at what we can do over the next 4-6 months to ensure that we play our best golf next season.

One of the most common mistakes I see from golfers is the lack of clarity in their training. Save the circus acts for YouTube and improve yourself in these 3 areas:

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Avoid Exercise ADD for the best results!


In today’s world of constant innovation it is so easy to be distracted by the next new shiny toy, that cool new exercise you saw on a YouTube video or some workout DVD.

Innovation is great, but beware of exercise ADD. The symptoms involve jumping around from program to program, experiencing a lack of results and ending up right back at square one.

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Everything is Stress!


When we train we place a stress on the body and ask for it to adapt.

When we learn something new we stress our brain with the new knowledge and ask for it to adapt.

The process of stress and adaptation is a vital cycle to our lives. It is also the key to achieving our health and performance goals.

Now, to fully take advantage of this process we must be able to manage the stressors in our lives.

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Why you don’t need the next great fat loss secret


Eat less, exercise more. Results ensue. Eat even less, exercise even harder.

This is the vicious cycle most people are drawn into when they begin their journey to look their best. The problem is that this story is more like a nightmare than a fairy tale. It doesn’t end well. Chances are you’ll end up injured and put the weight right back on. You might tell yourself it’s because you lacked willpower, discipline and you’d be wrong!

It didn’t work because it was never sustainable in the first place.

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Movement Hygiene: 10 min to Better Joint Health


Joint health is vital to our daily activities yet many of us carry around little aches and pains, prohibiting us from enjoying our lives. These nagging injuries can be in the form of “tight” shoulders preventing us from playing catch with the kids or “stiff” hips limiting our ability to change levels and move freely.

The reality is that 2-3 hours in the gym will not help us optimize joint health. Could you imagine if I said brushing your teeth every other day would be sufficient? Appalling right? Yet we often take this approach with our physical fitness.

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Overuse Injuries: It’s All in your Head


Have you ever attended a professional sporting event?

They can be pretty intense. The crowd is all riled up cheering on the home team, booing the visitors and giving the officials grief. It all seems like a great time…

Until it all starts to filter down to the youth level.

At a recent youth soccer game I witnessed parents criticizing every mistake, every missed call and even rooting for the other team to screw up!

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How a Select Few Experience Extraordinary Results


One of the books which has had a large impact on the way we coach and do things here is The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.

Coyle traveled the world and visited talent hotbeds, tiny places that produce extraordinary results, to uncover the secrets of getting really good at something.

The book covers many great lessons and I’d like to share two of my favourites: Go Slow and Celebrate Mistakes
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Baby Knows Best


Crawling is one of those fundamental movements which has huge bang for the buck. We were all really good at it once upon a time but lost touch. It is also a proven building block for athletic success.

The benefits of crawling include:
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Is Your Training Decreasing Your Performance?


Training has a positive or negative after-effect on your performance.

Fitness or Fatigue

Fitness and fatigue don’t occur in isolation, but rather they both add up to the overall training effect, shown in the graph by our friends at PUSH Strength. When fatigue outweighs the fitness after-effect you have a decrease in performance. This can start out as what’s called overreaching, characterized by sleep disturbance and mood instability on top of the decrease in performance. Currently, overreaching is a huge problem in sport, leading to overtraining and burnout.

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Take the Most Important Step for Your Athletic Success


Starting a training program without an assessment is akin to plugging a destination into your GPS unit without a starting point.

It can’t be done.

There is a reason your GPS asks to use your current location!

Most athletes come in with a very specific goal to move better, move stronger, get out of pain or avoid injury. We often know what needs to be done to achieve these goals. Train. Eat clean. Recover. And repeat. Many athletes begin on the path towards their goals, and it may look something like this:


I think we can agree that this may not be the fastest route to our destination. The power of assessments is that they allow us to establish a starting point so that our path can look closer to this:


When you visit a qualified medical practitioner, they start with an examination. Why should the training process be any different?

The goal of an assessment is not to produce a diagnosis. The assessment should help to create an athletic movement profile leading to the development of a personalized, precisely controlled training program.

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