Are you sabotaging your own nutrition plan?


This week we have a great post on the effects of distracted eating.
We are one week away from our seminar with special guest speaker, Dr. Marc Bubbs. There is so much information on nutrition out there right now and Dr. Bubbs will be helping us navigate through it all for optimal health and performance.
Seats are limited so don’t forget to reserve you spot here.

Optimize your health & performance with Dr. Marc Bubbs


You’ve heard us talk about the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation for optimal health and performance.

Today we’re going to bring in the expert: Dr. Marc Bubbs.

Dr. Bubbs is a board-certified Naturopathic Doctor, Strength Coach, Author, Speaker, Blogger and Sports Nutrition Lead for the Canadian Men’s National Basketball Team.

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Everything is Stress!


When we train we place a stress on the body and ask for it to adapt.

When we learn something new we stress our brain with the new knowledge and ask for it to adapt.

The process of stress and adaptation is a vital cycle to our lives. It is also the key to achieving our health and performance goals.

Now, to fully take advantage of this process we must be able to manage the stressors in our lives.

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Why you don’t need the next great fat loss secret


Eat less, exercise more. Results ensue. Eat even less, exercise even harder.

This is the vicious cycle most people are drawn into when they begin their journey to look their best. The problem is that this story is more like a nightmare than a fairy tale. It doesn’t end well. Chances are you’ll end up injured and put the weight right back on. You might tell yourself it’s because you lacked willpower, discipline and you’d be wrong!

It didn’t work because it was never sustainable in the first place.

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Don’t Waste Your Time Counting Calories


What is your relationship with food?

Most people see food as fuel. Calories in vs. calories out.


Food is so much more than just calories or fuel.

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What’s in your “Sports Performance” Drink?


Are you using Gatorade or Powerade to enhance sports activity? Behind the push to rehydrate with electrolytes is a dirty little secret not being told. Sugar loaded sports drinks are causing athletes to experience a blood sugar crash and decreased performance late in games. A 8 oz. serving of Gatorade contains 14g of sugar. That is the same amount of sugar found in a Fruit Roll-up or a Twinkie! I cringe at how our youth athletes are led to believe they’re enhancing performance when they’re really just getting in the equivalent of a sugary snack food.

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