If you’re an athlete looking to:

· Make the team or get more playing time
· Prevent injury
· Gain the respect of coaches and teammates
· Build confidence
· Receive a Scholarship

…this program is for you!

The athletic development program is designed for those athletes looking to take their performance to the next level. Using an individually customized program, athletes will get results as fast as possible. The goals of each athlete dictate the road map of the program to help emphasis strengths and improve weaknesses.

Each athlete receives individual attention and coaching according to their own performance plan to see results fast. Athletes will learn to Move, Eat, Recover and use Mindset to play at their highest level with more confidence.


· Mobility training to move better, stay healthy and avoid injury
· Speed & agility training so you can be faster than the competition
· Strength training to jump higher and play stronger than your opponents
· Energy systems training so you have more energy throughout the game

“Fortunately we were able to enroll Harkiran into the Edge Fitness program and the results were rapid. Within a season, not only was Harkiran able to play a full game without getting tired, she also improved her kicking dramatically. This helped her get noticed and promoted to the top level team in her soccer club. Edge Fitness is helping Harkiran also improve her flexibility and movements, something that came as a bonus for us but we realize has played an important role in her development as a complete player and enjoy injury free soccer thus far.”   – Gurmeet K. 

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