Last weekend was the Rugby World Cup Finals with the All-Blacks taking on the Australian squad.

The iconic team from New Zealand has a win percentage over 75% in the last 100 years and has won back to back championships.

There is even a book written by author James Kerr on their Legacy.

Now you might not be a rugby fan but there is a few things we can all learn from their dominance that will improve your own health and performance. I’ve followed up the lessons with a concrete action plan to implement in our own lives. Remember execution outweighs knowledge!

1. Humility – The All-Blacks code is to ‘leave the jersey in a better place.’ This ‘we not me’ perspective keeps them grounded and allows them to achieve stratospheric success.

Action: Do something for someone who will never be able to repay you.

2. Constant Improvement – This principle is embodiment of the Growth Mindset. The All-Blacks have the phrase ‘Champions do extra.’ They keep a ‘living document’ of personal development which tracks progress day by day, week by week, season by season.

Action: Track your own personal growth and improvement for 7 straight days.

3. Legacy – The All-Blacks are very well known for their pre-game ritual of the Haka and their creed to leave the jersey in a better place. They know that a higher purpose will lead to higher performance.

The sun shines on our time for a very brief moment. What will your legacy be? What will generations to come say about your character?

Action: Take 30 min to jot down what you want your legacy to be. What will your grandkids say about your character and what you did during your time?

Clearly most of us will not be required to endure the rigors of rugby but surely applying the principles used by the All-Blacks to create a high performance culture can improve your own health and performance.