It is likely that you have already teed it up for the final time this year and are looking forward to your winter getaway and golfing next spring.

You might even be thinking about hitting up the local golf dome to keep your swing sharp.

Let’s take a quick look at what we can do over the next 4-6 months to ensure that we play our best golf next season.

One of the most common mistakes I see from golfers is the lack of clarity in their training. Save the circus acts for YouTube and improve yourself in these 3 areas:

Joint health – Improve your mobility, get out of pain and learn to control the range of motion in your hips and shoulders.

Aerobic energy (The gas tank) – With the fascination most golfers have of clubhead speed, they often overlook the fact that the aerobic system replenishes the energy which allows you to produce high clubhead speed repeatedly over 18 holes. It’s also important to note that as fatigue sets in technical efficiency begins to deteriorate and it is the aerobic system that can delay the onset of fatigue.

Strength and Speed (The engine) – Here is another area that golfers often miss out on. The fact of the matter is that higher force production results in the potential to have higher clubhead speed. Give yourself a bigger bank account to draw from.

Here’s how we might plan this out over the winter. Keep in mind this is not a complete program but rather a guide on how to structure your program.

Phase 1
Priority number one in the off-season needs to be to take care of any pain or nagging injuries which affected you over the season. Bringing in a qualified therapist to expedite this process can be very beneficial. Concurrently start working on improving your joint mobility and motor control. This should be a targeted process based on an assessment done at the beginning of the phase to identify problematic joints. Use very minimal recovery methods here and focus on dialling in your nutrition, hydration and sleep.

Phase 2
This phase should be designed around building a robust aerobic base. Get your muscles and tendons ready for the increased load coming in the phase to follow by continuing to deposit in to your “adaptive bank account”. The combination of aerobic work and high quality nutrition and sleep should help in getting us into moderate parasympathetic tone.

Phase 3
The primary focus in this phase needs to be getting stronger. Stick with basic movements and don’t get fancy here. By the end of this phase you should be a lot stronger, healthier and pain free. Now it’s time to take this foundation and get yourself ready to play your best golf.

Phase 4
A heavy dose of medicine ball work and jumps should make up this phase as you increase your speed/explosive power. Motivation and energy should be at a high here as we near the season and your work in the gym starts to mimic what you will need on the golf course. Keep some aerobic and mobility work in this phase on your active recovery days and count down the days until you tee it up and let it fly.

Keep in mind this is by no means a complete program but it should give you a pretty good idea of how you can set up a plan to have your best year on the links.

If you’re not sure or would like some help setting up a program, come on in for a strategy session with one of our Performance Specialists.