Today is Thanksgiving day in the US and that can only mean one thing. Starting at 12:30pm and maybe even earlier for some, football fans across the country will plop themselves down on a couch and enjoy a day of family, food and football!

I love me some football!

Now you might be wondering what this all has to do with your health and performance so let’s get to the point.

Have you ever watched a football game and heard the commentators talk about a coach scripting the first 20 plays of the game?

Legendary coach Bill Walsh would do just that. His reasoning?

“Your ability to think concisely, your ability to make good judgments is much easier on Thursday night than during the heat of the game. So we prefer to make our decisions related to the game almost clinically, before the game is ever played. … Without question you can make more objective decisions during the week as to what you would do in the game than you can spontaneously as the game is being played. To be honest with you, you are in a state of stress, sometimes you are in a state of desperation and you are asked to make very calculated decisions. It is rarely done in warfare and certainly not in football; so your decisions made during the week are the ones that make sense.”

I have been using this exact strategy to win my day from a health and performance perspective.

Scripting the first 20min of my day allows me to put in place an objective strategy to set the tone for the day. Many of us, myself included, enter the day in a reactive state rather than a proactive state. Instead of reacting to the notifications on your phone, how about you set the tone and attack the day.

Here’s what I do:

1. Get some water. You’ve been sleeping all night and the body is pretty dehydrated so replenishing it gives you a much needed kick of energy.

2. 10 min of Mindfulness and breathing. Taking the time to turn your attention inward is a great idea at any time during the day but I find it especially useful to set the tone.

3. 10 min of Movement hygiene. We all go through our normal hygiene routines (brushing our teeth, showering, combing our hair, etc.) but what about our joints? They need some love too. I perform CARS (controlled articular rotations) to keep my joints healthy and get some good input into the nervous system.

Try it out, tweak it and find what works for you.

Set the tone and attack your day!